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About Karewear®

KAREWEAR® is the Safety Apparel Division of Gaskets, Incorporated. KAREWEAR® focuses on the design and manufacture of clothing and accessories made to protect workers from exposure to high temperature, low temperature and sharp hazards. Aluminized clothing such as hoods, jackets, aprons, coats, pants, leggings and gloves protect against radiant heat and molten metal splash. Jackets, coveralls, capes, sleeves, aprons, leggings, finger protectors, mitten and hand-pad leatherwear, Kevlar® and durable flame resistant cotton apparel protect from grinding sparks, welding spatter, cuts from metal and glass, wood splinters and cable burns. Hardhat winter liners protect against the hazards of working under bitter cold conditions. These and other safety items have made KAREWEAR® a leader in 100% Made-in-America cut and sewn safety apparel.