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Legging Hook and Loop Closure

Item #781, Legging Hook and Loop Closure

Proudly MADE IN THE USA our Light weight aluminized apparel offers excellent high temperature insulation against radiant heat and molten splash. Our garments reflect 90% of all radiant heat, this keeps the wearer cool, comfortable, and safe in high temperature environments. 

14 inch Legging- Hook and Loop Closure, Aluminized Toe Vamp

Available In: 

Aluminized Rayon: AR 15 oz. - is a permanent flame retardant (PFR) rayon made with a herringbone weave. Good for moderate exposure to molten metal splash and best freedom of movement.


Aluminized Carbon Kevlar: ACK 19 oz. - is a blend of non-melting semi-carbon and aramid fibers. Designed for high temperature insulation and excellent resistance to abrasion and molten metal splash


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